What Makes MV Fit Different?

What Makes MV Fit Different? What make’s MVFit different from the rest? We get a lot of questions about our services and what we do differently and how we stand out along side other Gyms, PT Studios, Outdoor Mobile Trainer’s and Group Fitness centres. Firstly we are proud to say we are a one stop shop for all your health and fitness needs, by offering a wide range of services we have got you covered no matter what your health and fitness goal is.   At MV Fit we have University Trained Exercise Scientist’s and Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Group Bootcamp Instructors, Nutritionists and a Massage Therapists. At our studio we hire the best qualified and most experienced trainer’s to ensure we deliver the best quality Health and Fitness Service to the Moonee Valley region and throughout Melbourne. So what’s different? The Studio Our studio is one of the most unique personal training spaces you will come across. It is a large multi split level place that is fully equipped and also have an outdoor area. You will not be confined into a small closed studio, we have the roller door open and doors open to create a larger space with plenty of fresh air, when you are training hard. The Studio comprises of different training areas such as, a Strength & Conditioning Cage, Bootcamp Area, Weight’s Section, an Open area for group training, our outdoor bootcamp area for bootcamp type exercises and Running to go along side our waiting area, reception and treatment room. The Equipment We have deliberately not put in many cardio machines (treadmill [...]

Fitness Challenge June – 100 Push Ups in 30 Days

Fitness Challenge June - 100 Push Ups in 30 Days How to do a Push Up. Place your hands on the floor outside shoulder width Put your feet on the floor shoulder width apart Raise your body off the ground so your body is straight and your arms are straight holding your body up Bend your elbows and lower your body towards the floor with your chest between your between your elbows Then Press back up into the staring position. * If you can not complete push ups on toes, place your knees on the floor and complete the above.

15min stretching

15Min Home Stretching Program Static Stretching - Focused solely on soft tissues; muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joint capsules. You don’t have to balance or stabilise yourself to stretch. - You are in a relaxed state so you can target the specific soft-tissues you’re targeting. - The goal is to increase your stretch tolerance. Which means how far you can stretch a muscle before you feel it pull. Seated Hamstring Stretch: Hold: 30 sec Sets: 2 Position: 1) Sitting on a chair with chest tall and both knee bent. 2) Straighten one leg whilst keeping the other knee bent. 3) When straightening the knee, make sure the foot is flat the entire time (this may mean slit bend in the knee) 4) Keeping chest up, lean into the straight leg. 5) Emphasise pushing the bum back as you lean forward. 6) You should feel a stretch in the belly of the back of the thigh. Seated Glute Stretch: Hold: 30 sec Sets: 2 Position: 1) Sitting with chest tall and knees bent. 2) Bring one leg over the other, clasping the knee with both hands 3) Push your bum back on the chair and keeping chest tall. 4) Pull the knee to your chest. 5) Stretching the glute (bum) muscle on that side. Standing Quadriceps Stretch: Hold: 30 sec Sets: 2 Position: 1) Standing against a pole or wall for balance. 2) Pulling the heel to the buttock, hold with hand. 3) Relax the body and continue to pull the heel to the buttock. 4) You want to feel the stretch at the front of the thigh. Standing Calf Stretch: Hold: 30 sec Sets: 2 Position: 1) Standing on the edge of a step. 2) [...]

Photos of our personal training studio

Here are some photos of the Moonee Valley Health and Fitness studio when we first opened many years ago. Since then we have added a lot more training equipment for all our personal training and boot camp clients to use. CHECK OUT THE LATEST IMAGES OF OUR STUDIO HERE Come on in and GET FIT! We would love for you to come on in and check out our private personal training studio in Ascot Vale VIC. Moonee Valley Health and Fitness 378 Mt Alexander Road, Travancore VIC 3032 (03)9996-0790 CHECK OUT THE LATEST IMAGES OF OUR STUDIO HERE