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Veterans Exercise Programs & Veterans Gym Memberships

We are an approved DVA health care provider with our clinic located in Melbourne, VIC.

Veterans and their families deserve to be recognised for their vital role and service to Australia.

Our team are passionate with providing gym programs, exercise rehabilitation, physiotherapy and dietetics for DVA veteran healthcare card holders that have a Veterans Gold Card or Veterans White Card.

Types of Rehabilitation Service Available:

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) allows allied health service arrangements to continue meeting the needs of veterans and their families.

Our private rehab clinic and gym is located at 378 Mount Alexander Road, Travancore VIC 3032 with appointments for exercise physiology and physiotherapy available 6 days a week from 5.30am to 8.00pm (by appointment only).

The allied health and physical therapies we currently have at our clinic is Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology.


Veterans Benefits and Entitlements

The benefits you can get with a Veteran Card will depend on the colour of your card. Find out what health and fitness entitlements you may have access to at our allied health clinic with a:

Veterans Gold Card

Veterans White Card

The Veteran Card is a redesign of the DVA health cards which provide access to treatment for service-related conditions or injuries that DVA has approved, and access to DVA-funded mental health treatment, if required.

Although the look of the cards have changed there is no change to how you use your card to access healthcare benefits. You continue to use your card – whether it be your existing DVA health card or your replacement Veteran Card.

DVA is committed to supporting you and understanding your needs. Rehabilitation at DVA offers a wide range of support and activities to assist you if you were wounded or injured or developed an illness from your service in the Australian Defence Force.

DVA White Card Fitness & Gym Programs

White card holders are entitled to clinically necessary treatment for an accepted disability.

An accepted condition means an injury or disease that has been determined under the Veterans' Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA), the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) or Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 (DRCA) to be caused or made worse by a person's Australian Defence Force service, and for which liability has been accepted by DVA.

It is important to contact your local DVA Office or rehabilitation coordinator as soon as possible to discuss any changes in your circumstances and request a review of your rehabilitation requirements.

The DVA White Card (which is now known as Veteran White Card) is a treatment card that can provide you with medical treatment for:

  • accepted service-related injuries or conditions
  • all mental health conditions
  • cancer (malignant neoplasm) covered under non-liability health care
  • pulmonary tuberculosis covered under non-liability health care

Our exercise physiologist help you by putting together a safe, effective and appropriate exercise programs. Often referred to from patients as an 'Exercise Physios' or 'EP's' the are university qualified allied health professionals.

By applying their specialist knowledge of human movement to aid recovery, improve performance we help people get the most out of life.

We play an important role in helping you as healthcare professionals who can give you information and advice about exercise to help manage and prevent injuries and chronic conditions.

Clinical Exercise Physiologists are involved in all phases of rehabilitation, from the acute stage through to recovery.

With access to our private gym you will receive an individualised exercise program, be provided counselling on how to maintain an active lifestyle and make sure that your exercise programs is safe, effective and appropriate for you and your recovery.

physio run clinical pilates session in action

What will a Physiotherapist do?

The allied health and physical therapies we currently have at our clinic is Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology.

Veterans Exercise Programs

If you have a DVA Health Card, they will pay for Exercise Physiology and Physiotherpay services. For gold card holders they will cover services to meet your clinical needs. Those holding a white card, they will cover services required because of an accepted war or service caused injury or disease.

There is no charge to you for this service, your Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist will bill DVA directly for the service under DVA arrangements.

You may be referred for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology treatment by your medical practitioner. Upon diagnosis and referral of a specific condition by a medical practitioner, DVA will pay for the clinically necessary treatment.

What you can always expect from your appointments:

  • Conduct appropriate assessments, goal setting in conjunction with your injuries and provide the best treatment to help you acheive  your goals.
  • Empower you to manage your injury and recovery.
  • Monitor progress towards your goals (for improved capacity/function) and adjusting the treatment plan as required.
  • Communicating and collaborating with key parties (for example, general practitioner, other allied health practitioners, case managers, rehabilitation providers and insurers) to achieve common goals

Rehabilitation Consultant for Veterans

If you are yet to have spoken with a DVA rehabilitation coordinator / consultant, contact DVA directly or speak to your GP. A DVA rehabilitation coordinator / consultant is the link between you, your treating medical practitioners, allied health workers, service providers, training organisations and the managing rehabilitation provider.

Rehabilitation consultants for veterans are DVA accredited and suitably qualified person, engaged by a Rehabilitation Provider, to assess an injured or ill client's readiness and capacity to participate in a rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation consultants are usually one of the following professionals:

  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Psychologist
  • Nurse
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Social Worker

DVA rehabilitation clients who have had liability accepted for a service related injury or illness may also be eligible for treatment and all your appointments at MVFit will be covered by DVA.

These treatment benefits may include:

  • A repatriation card for all conditions (Gold Card) which entitles the card holder to treatment for all of their health conditions at DVA expense
  • A repatriation card for specific conditions (White Card) which entitles the card holder to treatment for specific conditions related to their Defence service at DVA expense;

How to book an appointment

All our allied health practitioners are accredited and experienced rehabilitation professionals.

To make an appointment with an exercise physiologist or a physiotherapist in our allied health team, call the clinic on (03)9996-0790 or fill out your details below and we will be in touch.

Moonee Valley Health and Fitness

378 Mt. Alexander Rd, Travancore VIC 3032

  • (03)9996-0790
  • info@mvfit.com.au
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*DVA Funded Rehabilitation Services. All the cost of your allied health appointments are covered by DVA.

physio run clinical pilates session in action

DVA Exercise Physiology Services

The allied health Exercise Physiology (EP) services help Veterans with clinical exercise in our fully private gym to help manage chronic disease as well as post-hospital exercise rehabilitation gym programs for treatment of a major injury or illness.

How to access EP services?

You can access our EP services in Melbourne if you have an assessed clinical need and are a Veteran Gold Card, or Veteran White Card and your treatment is an accepted service-related condition.

An exercise physiologist is best to work with if Veterans have a chronic disease or are recovering after a hospital stay for treatment of a major injury or illness. If you have already spoken with your GP and have a referral, you can book in today and chat with our team on how an EP can best help you.

EP services funded through DVA are not intended for ongoing treatment. Our goal is to have you function better and ultimately self-manage your condition. Some of the health issues we help manage are:

  • Chronic Muscular Conditions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

How much do I need to pay for EP services?

You do not have to pay for our Exercise Physiology services and is fully covered by DVA.

Your exercise physiologist will bill DVA direct for any treatment provided to you if the service is provided under DVA arrangements.

How many appointments will I have with my EP?

All Veteran referrals to our services will be under the Allied Health Services treatment cycle. Our goal is always to have Veterans eventually self-manage their condition or move into one of our other health and fitness service we offer here at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness.

We have a full private gym that is fully supervised by our allied health team that is available for all our appointments. We also offer small group training options for Veterans who eventually want to move from 1 on 1 consultations to our group programs.

We do base all our patient care plans around your health and fitness goals and GP referral. With a GP referral you can receive up 12 sessions per plan, and these plans are now referred to as 'Allied health treatment cycles'. You can read more about treatment cycles on our blog below.

To give you a quick explanation of what the treatment cycle is, it was brought in by the Government from Oct 2019 to help give you better care based on your health needs. It does not limit the number of clinically required services you need but allows your GP to be informed of yor progress at the end of each 12 sessions.

How does the DVA Treatment Cycle Work?

If you are confused by the Allied Health treatment cycle, we are here to help explain the new process that has been introduced to help give you better care based on your health needs.

We are part of your healthcare team

Speak with your doctor or speak to our team to create your plan. The more complex your health needs, the more interaction you are likely to have with a larger and more diverse team of health professionals. It is important to share information about your medical treatment across the team. 

Exercise Physiologist Jeremy Dunn

Jeremy DUNN

Accredited Exercise Physiologist


Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Pre Natal and Post Natal Physiotherapist - Amy LAURIE



Travis MONK


Other activities and programs for the ex-serving community

It is highly recommended to first begin with being assessed with our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists to help create a suitable plan for you. We provide exercise and gym programs as a form of therapy for clinically necessary treatment.

The ultimate goal of our team however is to help patients function better and ultimately self-manage their condition.

There are a range of other resources and programs that have been designed specifically for the serving and ex-serving community. These mental health and wellbeing supports are for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel and their families.


The Engage program outlines physical fitness, exercise and active lifestyle activities available to current and former ADF members, and their families.

Veteran Sport Australia

Veteran Sport Australia makes it easy for veterans and their families to connect with individual and team sport, one-off competitive events, camps and multi-sport.

10,000 Steps Walking Challenge

The 10,000 Steps Walking Challenge is a virtual walking challenge for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their families.

Heart Health

Heart Health aims to improve veterans' health and wellbeing through practical exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management support.

Heart Foundation Walking Groups

Join your local Heart Foundation Walking group. Meet regularly, have fun and be healthy.

For more information about any of the above programs you can visit Open Arms – Veterans & Family Counsellingor speak to our team at MVFit.

Allied Health Rehabilitation Services available for Veterans

DVA will fund for the treatment and services listed below.


Our physiotherapists assess, diagnoses, and treat to help you improve the movement and functioning of your body.

Exercise Physiology

Our exercise physiologists can help create and monitor a gym or home exercise program for you to complete by yourself.


Our dietitians can help you by providing food and nutrition information, and support to improve your health.

Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Dietitian are the current the allied health and physical therapies we have at our clinic.

Getting Started with our services:

Our team are passionate about providing exercise as a form of therapy for clinically necessary treatment with a valid D904 referral from their GP.

  • Book an initial consultation
  • Present your DVA Health card to your Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist or Dietitian during assessment.

Exercise to help you move better, relieve pain or improve function.

Our allied health gym is suitable for all White and Gold Card Veterans that want access to Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy & Dietetics.

  • Veteran Gym and Rehab Programs
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If you have more questions please fill in our online contact form or call our clinic (03)9996-0790

Read more about our Exercise Physiology services - https://www.mvfit.com.au/our-services/exercise-physiology/

Read more about our Physiotherapy services - https://www.mvfit.com.au/our-services/physiotherapy/

For more specific information about DVA Services visit https://www.dva.gov.au/

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