Diabetes Exercise Group

Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Group in Melbourne, VIC

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus you are eligible to join our group exercise classes with our team of exercise physiologists.

Your GP will refer you to our group exercise class with the class fees largely subsidised by Medicare. Following an initial assessment in the gym, participants can attend 8 Group Exercise classes as part of the subsidised program

A tailored exercise program is developed for each participant following the initial health and physical assessment. Each class is a 45 minute class that incorporates cardiovascular, strength and balance exercises that can be completed at your own pace and suitable for all fitness levels.

Why should you join?

  • Classes are run by an Exercise Physiologists so you can be sure you’re doing the exercises correctly and have an expert available to answer any questions you may have about your program.
  • Your exercise program is developed  specifically for you, with your health, fitness, and goals in mind.
  • This is an in person exercise class in a private gym (not an online program)
  • The group environment is more fun than exercising on your own
  • All the classes are in our private gym and personal training studio with and indoor and outdoor training environment

Who are these Diabetes Exercise Classes for?

People living with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes or other chronic lifestyle conditions who want to increase their physical activity levels.

Whether you have exercised before or need some help getting started, the exercise classes and program will tailor individual exercises to your specific needs within a friendly and supportive environment.

This program is set up for the local community to help anyone living with diabetes that may need a helping hand to get back on track with their health and fitness.

Can you exercise with type 2 diabetes?

Yes you can exercise with Type 2 diabetes and specific strength and cardiovascular exercises have been shown to help improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Initial Exercise Assessment

When you first join our Diabetes Exercise Group, prior to attending the group class you are required to attend an initial assessment with one of our exercise physiologists.

  • The initial assessment is undertaken to understand your current health, capabilities and physical status.
  • Assessment of your current and past exercise history
  • A quick overview of how exercise can assist with treating or improving conditions/quality of life
  • An opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and discuss goals relating to health and exercise, and the strategies to achieve these goals
  • Development of an individualised exercise program tailored to your abilities and fitness levels
  • Weekly group exercise classes at the MVFit Gym overseen by our exercise physiologists
  • A detailed written report is sent to your referring GP, specialist or other health practitioner if appropriate.
  • The initial assessment is mostly covered by Medicare.

When and where are these Diabetes group exercise classes?

All our classes and one-on-one assessments are held at the Moonee Valley Health and Fitness Gym and Clinic.

Initial Assessments are available Monday to Friday each week with appointments available from 6:00AM on wards.

Classes start slowly and build up as you become fitter, stronger and more confident and days and times for the group timetable varries based on how many people we have booked into the program.

What can I do after the initial 8 group classes?

All participant are welcome to continue their exercise program by continuing on with their class as a private paying client. Medicare cover up to eight classes per calendar year and we encourage all clients to continue to build the habit of exercise to help support living with diabetes.

How to join and book a class?

To join our Type 2 Diabetes Classes you first must be eligible and can be referred to the program by your doctor to receive a Medicare subsidy for group exercise.

If you are a private paying client, you can book without a doctors referral. You may also be eligible to claim these services from your private health fund if not eligible through Medicare.

Please ask your doctor to complete the referral form for group allied health services under Medicare for patients with type 2 diabetes. A copy of the form is available free from our website below. 

GPs can use this referral form to refer a patient with type 2 diabetes for Medicare rebateable services for these group classes.

Your GP will be able to help explain the process to you or contact our clinic to have any questioned answered about the program. Referrals can be made for patients who are being managed under a GP Management Plan, or if the person is a resident of an aged care facility, their medical practitioner has contributed to a multidisciplinary care plan.  

We can send you a copy of the required referral form here

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