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We are personal trainers, fitness instructors, bootcamps and mobile trainers in your area local area of Melbourne. Get in touch with MVFit today and we will match you to the right trainer.

There are a number of personal training services that we offer at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness Gym. We have a fully equipped gym that has all the latest fitness equipment and renovated facilities for our studio personal training, and we also offer mobile personal training all throughout the City of Moonee Valley and City of Maribyrnong.

Current VIC Covid Restrictions - October 2021

The current GOVT Covid restrictions in place by the VIC Govt only allows outdoor personal training. We have set up a great outdoor environment that allows you to still have a lot of variety in your personal training sessions.

Indoor Personal Training & Outdoor Personal Training

We've Set Up A Great Outdoor Training Space and Indoor Private Gym

An large outdoor training space with an undercover area and access to a bigger range of equipment than we can offer with our mobile pt service.

Group Personal Training Class

Our Group Personal Training Classes in our Outdoor Space at MVFit

Indoor Personal Training & Group PT Classes

core training, 2 people doing a plank core exercise

Core Training at the gym

bench press personal training

Our indoor private personal training

personal training class in the MVFit Gym

Personal Training Class & Exercise Program

Access To Gym Equipment - Better Variety

Train in our outdoor training space to get the best results.

An outdoor gym that has weights, benches, kettlebells, ropes and cardio equipment that you can use in your private pt sessions.

outdoor exercise
one on one personal training

One on One Personal Training in our outdoor training area of the gym

personal training outdoors

Covid Safe - Outdoor Environment

A large outdoor training area with all safety and cleaning measures in place

We want to keep you (and our trainers) as safe as possible.  All Covid Safe measures are in place and we have a great team of university qualified fitness professionals who have built strong careers in the health industry.

Our team are not trainers who are just starting out in the fitness industry for the fun of it. All our staff have at a minimum 3+ years of university study and really care about being able to show how exercise and fitness should be viewed as essential.

fitness and exercise in a covid safe gym

Exercise in a Covid Safe Environment with Vaccinated Fitness Professionals

Best personal trainers near me

Our One on one Personal Training is 100% focused on you and your health and fitness goals. We want you to see and feel results fast so combining both fitness and a healthy diet you will be sure to reach where you want to be and most likely more in a matter of weeks.

  • A full health and fitness consultation with your own personal trainer
  • Fun, friendly and committed trainers
  • Training based on you fitness level
  • A well planned out fitness program tailored to your needs
  • Sessions worked in with your schedule
  • Expert tips on living a healthy life style
  • Nutritional and healthy easting advice
  • Training based on you fitness level
  • Train the way you want to be trained – we will not yell at you if you don’t want us too!
  • A clean, safe and comfortable environment to train in
  • Motivation and support to give you that push you need to life changing RESULTS!

Our Moonee Valley Personal Trainers are experts in their field and have years of experience with training people from all shapes and sizes and fitness levels. No matter what you want from your fitness program the end result will always be the same. You will SEE the difference and most of all FEEL the difference in your general day to day well being.

Some training we cover and can assist you with is the following:

Weight Loss
Our weight loss fitness programs have been designed to give you maximum chance to lose those unwanted kilos. You want to feel good and feel the confidence in your body and with the motivation and our knowledge of your fitness program along side of your diet you will notice your body fat gone for good!

Strength & Conditioning
Have a personal approach to your weight program with your own personal trainer setting up a strength and conditioning program suited to your body and your goals. If you want muscle gains, to build your whole body and overall core strength or just tone up, this is the perfect solution to get the body to you are after.

General Fitness
If you are looking to get off the couch or away from your desk and get active our 1 on 1 personal training sessions can your your the break you need. Once you start exercising you will notice a change in your motivation and general well being which ultimately leads to a great lifestyle. Exercise does not need to be serious and but it does need to be effective. Our personal trainers are not only knowledgeable about all things health & fitness but they also have the skills and creativity to keep you sessions interesting and fun.

We also offer: Boxing training, Running training, Emergency service fitness test training and more. Please contact us today to speak to our team and ask about how we can help you.

Our approach is to push you to your limits within your capabilities and leave you after each session feeling like you have had a awesome workout and wanting to come back for more! We might say it alot but it’s true, we will guarantee you will be surprised in what you can achieve.

Our Fitness Approach

Virtually every successful weight loss program involves three things:

  • Weight training
  • Cardio exercise
  • Good nutrition

Our professional trainers at our personal training studio can help you look better, feel better, feel younger, and have a whole lot more energy.

If you’re tired of being overweight, out of shape, having low energy, not being as active as you used to be, being unable to breathe or walk long distances… maybe you’re finally ready to take your weight loss seriously.

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Train with a Friend with our Private Small Group Personal Training

Train with your best friend, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, work colleague. Enjoy the support of a buddy while you both learn to exercise and eat correctly and get results. Training with a buddy system will make sure you both show up every time, be able to share the experience of all your hard work with someone to reach your goals together — and, you get a discounted price on your training program.

Training with other members of your family is a great way to set an example of being fit and healthy for your entire family! Buddy personal training is every bit as intense as our private personal training and we guarantee you will both get great results while you learn how to stay fit forever. If you and your buddy want to start exercising together contact us today!
Click here for more information about our Private Small Group Personal Training.

Below are a few examples of types of personal trainers you will find when searching for a fitness professional and the typical price range of each trainer available in Melbourne.

Type of Trainer


Training Experience (Years Coaching)

Fees / Cost

(Average Rates)

Knowledge / Value

Exercise Physiologist

Masters University Degree (4 years)

5+ years coaching

$80 to $130

Exercise Physiologist

Masters University Degree (4 years)

0-5 years coaching

$80 to $100

Exercise Scientist / Personal Trainer

University Degree (3 years)

5+ years coaching

$70 to $120

Exercise Scientist / Personal Trainer

University Degree (3 years)

0-5 years coaching

$70 to $100

Personal Trainer

Cert IV (3 months)

5+ years coaching

$45 to $90

Personal Trainer

Cert IV (3 months)

0-5 years coaching

$30 to $75

Fitness Enthusiast

No formal qualifications

Likes exercising

$25 to $90

Personal Training in a Private Gym - MVFit

Personal Training in Melbourne at MVFit

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