Mobile and In-Home Personal Training

Mobile and In-Home Personal Training

At Moonee Valley Health & Fitness, we proudly offer Mobile In-Home Training through our partnership with MaxNRG Personal Training.

Our trainers can come to your home or local park to run sessions tailored to you health & fitness goals. 

Our certified trainers can travel to your home or a nearby park to conduct personalized fitness sessions tailored to your specific health and fitness objectives. Whether you have a home gym or not, we bring all the necessary equipment to ensure your workout is optimized for your needs.

Private Personal Training Studio or Mobile Training?

Whether training in a private gym is better than mobile training depends on individual preferences, goals, and circumstances. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some reasons why training in a private gym might be considered better by some.

The MVFit Gym

Our Private Personal Training Studio - MVFit

Mobile training is particularly well-suited for stay-at-home parents, individuals with busy schedules, or those who work from home. We recognize the demands of your lifestyle, so allow our trainers to come to you, enabling you to make the most of your time while achieving exceptional results!

Access to Equipment: Our MVFit gym has more space and offer a wide range of fitness equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, and specialised gym equipment. This allows for a more varied and comprehensive workout, making it easier to target specific muscle groups and achieve fitness goals better than what we can provide in a mobile / in-home setting.

Structured Environment: The MVFit Gym is a private space that is an environment that can help individuals stay focused on their workouts. The absence of distractions like household chores, family members, or other responsibilities can make it easier to concentrate on fitness goals.

Trainer Availability: By our trainers coming to you it allows you to have more spare time to relax and spend time with your friends and family but the availability of our trainers is limited because we need to factor in travel around our existing clients already training in the gym.

Private and Personal Sessions
Both in our private gym or in-home offer a high level of privacy. You may be a little uncomfortable training at typical busy gyms and want no distractions or sharing equipment and your space with others whilst you workout. Our private gym is an appointment only gym which means that anyone in the space is working 1 on 1 with our team and with in-home training we provide all the equipment you need.

No Intimidating gyms
Some gyms can be loud and full of ‘massive’ body builders or people in their latest designer workout gear, this can be off putting and intimidating for some. You will not have to worry about this in your our home or local park. Your sessions will just be with you and your trainer.

Train outdoors
The great thing about Melbourne is it has some awesome local parks and ovals to train at. What better way to have a workout then out in the fresh air and sunshine. We can alos train in your back yard or balcony, our trainers can work with any training space and area no matter how big or small.

The MVFit Gym also has an outdoor area to train in as well.

outdoor exercise
personal training outdoors

Mobile Personal Training in Moonee Valley

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Mobile Personal Training in Maribyrnong

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