Fat Loss Conditioining Workout 1

Welcome to another Moonee Valley Health and Fitness fat loss conditioning workout. These workouts are designed for all our health and fitness clients to accompany their current strength training programs they have with their personal trainer.

That being said, these workouts are not just for our current clients and can be used by anyone looking to get in the best shape of their life. Using these conditioning workouts along with a suitable strength and diet program will allow you to achieve a more favourable body image that you desire.  If you are currently not one of our current personal training clients and would like to achieve fantastic results and train with our expert Melbourne based fitness trainers contact MV Fit here.

Fat Loss Conditioning Workout 1 – MV Fit

10 Burpee / Kettlebell Swing Ladder

This is a simple workout and you only needs 1 piece of equipment to complete this workout.
Do 10 Burpess and then perform 10 kettlebell swings. As soon as you have finished the kettlebell swings go straight back to the burpees this time completing 9 burpess followed by 9 kettlebell swings. Repeat this process until you have gone from 10 down to 1 rep of each.

10 burpees – 10 kettlebell swings
9 burpees – 9 kettlebell swings
8 burpees – 8 kettlebell swings
7 burpees – 7 kettlebell swings
6 burpees – 6 kettlebell swings
5 burpees – 5 kettlebell swings
4 burpees – 4 kettlebell swings
3 burpees – 3 kettlebell swings
2 burpees – 2 kettlebell swings
1 burpees – 1 kettlebell swings

You will complete a total of 110 repetitions (55 burpess and 55 kettlebell swings). Make sure to record your total time, as well as the weight of the kettlebell you used.
Make sure to track your progress. If you are serious about getting results then keeping a track of each session is essential.

Record your workouts and get results!

View more of our MV Fit fat loss conditioning workouts or contact us today and speak to one of our expert health and fitness trainers about a customised weight loss program.

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