Group PT Feedback 2017

Group Personal Training / Boot Camp Feedback Results

Thank you to everyone that took the time to provide us with valuable feedback on our Boot Camps and how we can improve our services to you all.

Below is a breakdown of the results, the improvements we will be looking to make as well as the winners of our prize draws.

I am a member of MV Health and Fitness because…

Achieve a certain fitness goal
Socialise, meet new people, train in a group enviornment
Lose Weight, Tone Up, Get Stronger
Maintain / Improve Fitness Level

Rating our Boot Camp Sessions

Scale of (1 – 10) rate our Boot Camp Sessions overall.

1 – Terrible
10 – Love It, Best Thing Ever.

Rating (1-10)

Average Score (8.93 out of 10)


Enjoy MOST about Group PT…

  • Variety
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Sessions are Always Different

  • The Results I have gotten so far πŸ™‚

  • Support & Encouragement from Everyone

  • Fun, Trusting Environment

  • Being Pushed / Challenged

  • Trainers are all personable and approachable

  • The people in the groups. Love the MVFit Community

Enjoy LEAST about Group PT…

  • The Airdyne Bike

  • Running lol

  • Classes I like are offered at limited times

  • That bloody bike!

  • Dubious music selections

  • The sled kills me

  • Non-structured Sessions

  • Can get repetitive at times

  • 10,000 Rep Workouts. Race to do as many reps rather than timed exercises

What type of sessions / workouts would you like more of?

There was a good spread of selections in the type of sessions everyone would like to see more of at MVFit.

High Intensity Interval Training
Strength / Toning / Weights
Boot Camp Workouts / Mix of Everything
Body Weight Circuits
Boxing Fitness
Abs & Core
More Cardio / Running
Pilates or Stretching or Mobility
Spin Classes
Just Airdyne Bike & Burpees for 45mins

*The option of Airdyne Bike & Burpees was not a popular choice and I think 1-2 people may have chosen it by mistake.

Services you would like to see available at MVFit

  • Fitness Testing / Fitness Challenges
  • More Group Sessions

  • Yoga / Stretching or Pilates Classes

  • Body Measurements / Body Composition Analysis Scan

  • Fun Runs / Group Entry Activities (Mother’s Day Classic, Run for the Kids, Eureka Stair Climb, ect.)

  • Eating Support / Meal Plans / Healthy Recipes

Up-Coming Improvements to our Group PT Sessions

There are a number of improvements that will be added to our Group Training sessions in the near future. Below is a brief list of some of the things you can expect to see:

  • Stretching & Mobility Warm-Up / Cool Down Ideas

  • More Group Sessions Available

  • Better Music Selections

  • New Mats

  • Spray Bottle / Wipes for Benches & Mats

  • New Covers on the Benches

  • Weight Loss / Diet Tips

  • Monthly Newsletter / Email

  • Nutrition Guides based on your goals

  • Occasional Outdoor Session

  • New Member Referral Incentives

  • Gym Gear / MVFit Training Tops

Prize Winners

1st Prize – 1 Month Unlimited Boot Camp

Paul F

Congratulations Paul! You win a complimentary 1 month of group training added to your membership.

2nd Prize – 60 Minute Massage

Alex T

Congratulations Alex! You win a 60 minute massage at the MVFit Studio with our Massage Therapist Samantha from SJ Health

3rd Prize – 1 x 45 Minute PT Session

Kirk J

Congratulations Kirk! You win a 45 minute PT session with your choice of trainers available at MVFit.

View The Draw Below

How likely are you to recommend MVFitness to a friend or colleague?

It is fantastic to see that everyone is loving their time at MVFitness and feel part of our growing community.Β  The main way that you can help us grow is from word of mouth, client testimonials and referrals from other happy members πŸ™‚

We will soon be looking to add some incentives for any referrals that you make, as well as having ‘bring a friend week’ and other events to help grow our community and improve the services we can provide for you.

0 out of 10
Average of how likely to recommend MVFit

General Feedback from our clients

Love it, you guys do a great job!

You guys do such a wonderful job, so very different to other gyms out there and I love coming every week! You have seriously had a huge impact on my life and I’m extremely grateful!! Don’t change too much, you are already pretty fantastic!! ☺

Russell, you know how much I am loving my time at MV Fit. I truly have found such a happy place for me to train. I am so supported and feel so strong about what I want to achieve and that this is not short term my time here.

Trainers are always very willing to help, chatty and interested

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!!!

I love the workouts at MV Fitness! I really like everyone who works there and I’ve noticed a huge change in my body and general fitness level. Thanks guys!

Sorry I’m always late 😐

Keep up the great work. You can’t be all things to all clients, however keep challenging yourselves to add value to your clients.

You guys are GREAT! Love our MVFIT fam!

All good in the hood!

Thank You For Your Feedback!

Thank you again, for all your feedback and we look forward to improving all our services here at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness


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