Group PT – 1 Month Trial

Group Personal Training - 1 Month Trial

Get Strong, Get Fit & Get Lean with our Small Group Personal Training at MVFit.

All our workout classes are for 45 minutes and offer a mix of Strength Training, High-Intensity and Functional Fitness.

Get Started With a 1 Month Trial

MVFit has helped over 1000 people improve their lives with creating exercise habits and getting fitness / health results. To find out if MVFit is a good match for you and your goals, sign up to any membership and trial our groups for the first month.

If you decide within the first 14 days that MVFit is not for you we offer a 100% Money back guarantee.

What is stopping you? You never know unless you give it a try

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • On-Going Unlimited Memberships from $38.00 per week
  • 32 Weekly Classes to attend
  • Classes on everyday (excluding Sunday)

Moonee Valley Health and Fitness

Personal Training Gym & Exercise Rehab Clinic

Great team offering a range of expertise to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Bevin B

I was 8 months out from my wedding and still carrying a little winter weight 🙂 when I came across Moonee Valley Health & Fitness, not only is it a great studio but the people there are so motivating and inviting, it makes the workouts way more enjoyable and definitely was not a drag to get myself to the sessions. I lost 8kg and got to my target weight and looked good for my wedding day all thanks to these guys. I still go to the studio for regular sessions and have turned my attention from weight loss to muscle gains, the flexibility of these guys and their targeted programming for what you want to get out of a session is great.
HIGHLY recommend.

Ryan D

I joined many gyms over the years and generally went twice, as I felt intimidated by the facility and there was ZERO coaching. I could never get out of my contract and paid for a years memberships without ever going back. But then mid 2015 decided to do some research on group fitness type facilities and found MVH&F. Browsed their website and thought, this place is more for me, joined with some hesitation, thinking it's going be the same as before, know what, it wasn't. The crew at MVH&F are great. The level of workouts are aimed exactly at my level, and then as my knowledge increased, I became a lot more confident in the workouts and routines. The variety of classes are great! Exactly what I feel comfortable doing. And I have increased from 3 days a week to now 5 sessions a week and it rocks! Seriously though, I'm not much of a reviewer when it comes to things like this, but these guys deserve it. Great work, Russ, Dave and Sam!

Aiden T

This gym was my happy place when I lived in Melbourne. The trainers are very professional and knowledgeable, and will help you achieve your goals. Or in my case - help find good goals and my way towards that goal. I trust the trainers completely, and would sincerely recommend MV Health and Fitness for anyone, regardless of their goals.

Kajsa L

I have been training with the MV team for six years now both as a PT client and participating in the group training sessions. Russell and the team are very patient, knowledgeable and committed to working with me to achieve my fitness goals. The group sessions have a true sense of community and inclusiveness. Everyone works hard, but at their own level and the trainers readily adapt the program so all can participate. My overall experience with MV Fitness has been great and I would recommend it to anyone.

Sarah H

Fabulous place to workout with a really good bunch of people! The team are great, and really happy to adjust exercises based on injuries/goals. Been there for over 3 years and love every session!

Khy M

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