Minister of the NDIS – Bill Shorten

Local Resident Bill Shorten named Minister for the NDIS

Following the recent 2022 federal election, the Hon Bill Shorten MP has been appointed as the Minister for the NDIS.

Minister Shorten has a strong connection to the Scheme, having been part of establishing the Scheme under the Gillard Government, and holding the role of Shadow Minister for the NDIS for the past 3 years.

Minister Shorten was first elected to parliament in 2007. He has served as the leader of the Australian Labor Party and held senior Cabinet positions in the Gillard and Rudd Governments.

He was also previously the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services and is currently the Member for Maribyrnong and is a local resident in Travancore right near our MVFit Gym.

“It is my great honour to serve people with disability, to defend the NDIS and oversee the Robodebt Royal Commission,” Mr. Shorten said following the announcement of his Ministry. He has also been appointed as Government Services Minister.

Shorten says the Labor government will focus on the “quality” of the spending rather than fixating on the dollar amount.

“We need to work with participants to identify ways to empower participants to find the most effective supports to achieve their agreed goals,” he says. “And we need to ensure that providers have incentives and support to achieve the goals of participants and the NDIS.”

It's great that Bill is looking to clear the backlog of thousands of legal appeals for funding and to improve the effectiveness of the NDIS which a number of our NDIS participants have had issues with in the past year.

exercise physiology gym appointment

Our NDIS Fitness, Exercise & Physio Rehabilitation services at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness, can help achieve the best possible results for our clients by adopting a holistic approach to their training program.

How can our team of accredited exercise physiologist and NDIS personal trainers help?

We can help NDIS participants living with a disability to live healthier lifestyles, gain independence and participate at work and in the community.

Exercise Physiologists have expert knowledge of the role exercise, health & fitness has in reducing the onset of chronic conditions symptoms and disabilities. AEPs develop exercise programs for people with a wide variety of disabilities to help them manage their condition and build capacity for activities of daily living.

The knowledge that our team has and the extensive training allows us to provide safe and effective, tailored exercise programs to anyone that can benefit from a structured health and fitness plan.

Is an Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer right for you?

We can help participants have access to a gym as part of their NDIS plan and be guided by our Exercise Physiologists, Personal Trainers and Physiotherapisst:

  • the disability makes it hard to maintain good health and well-being
  • you are at increased risk of developing or already have an existing condition that impairs your physical movement
  • your management plan goals relate to moving independently, maintaining mobility, and/or building strength or fitness

In your initial appointment we will conduct a clinic-based assessment and develop an exercise plan tailored to your disability that will fit within your specific NDIS plan and goals.

The assessment may look at the following:

  • Your NDIS Goals
  • How you currently move
  • Your posture and balance
  • Your current level of strength
  • Your current cardiovascular fitness
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Current medications
  • Any limiting factors such as physical disabilities, injuries, or pain.


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