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It’s time for another Finish Fat Fast Workout. The finish fat fast workouts are exercisers that stimulate as many major muscle groups as possible and are made to finish off your regular workout.

This weeks workout is a ‘Prone Hold Circuit’.

The Finish Fat Fast Workout is a burst of high intensity exercise that is going to help your body burn fat fast, and build lean, strong muscles. All in less than 10 minutes.

Even though your nutrition plan is going to be the number 1 factor we want you to focus to get leaner, these simple workouts will definitely help you along the way.

Incorporate these Finish Fat Fast workouts 3-4 times a week after each of your strength training sessions. All these workouts have been tried and tested at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness with all our personal training clients, but that doesn’t mean you can make up your own variations.

There are heaps of great conditioning tools available from medicine balls and battle ropes to circuits and barbell complexes that you can create your own ‘fun’ workouts.

Finish Fat Fast – Prone Hold Circuit

Do the entire circuit 3 times, and rest 30 seconds at the end of each circuit.

1A} Lunge Jumps (5 per side)
1B) Fitball Prone Hold Circles (15 seconds clockwise, 15 seconds anti-clockwise)
1C) Inverted Row or D/B rows (15)
1D) Spiderman Push Up Prone Hold (15 seconds/side)
1E) Squat Jumps (15)
1F) Prone Hold (30 seconds)

Rest 30 seconds and repeat the circuit 3 times.

Make sure to track your progress. If you are serious about getting results then keeping a track of each session is essential.

Record your workouts and get results!

View more of our workouts or contact us today and speak to one of our expert health and fitness trainers about a customised weight loss program.

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