TAC and Exercise Gym Rehab in 2024


TAC Patients and Exercise in the Gym for 2024/25

Starting 1 July, there was an increase in the amount TAC covers for clients who need treatment with our exercise physiologists or physio to help with their recovery.

Our TAC clients & exercise physiology service for patients recovering from a road accident currently has no-wait list and clients can begin treatment immediately.

With the increase in The TAC approved fee schedules outline how much they will cover for each treatment there is no out of pocket expense for your appointments. The Transport Accident Commission increase these fee schedules at the start of each financial year.

Along with these updates, the TAC has provided clarification on exercise physiology guidelines and payment policies.

Key updates and guidelines include:

1. Increased Maximum Invoicing Amounts: The TAC has raised the maximum amounts that they will cover for exercise physiology treatments and services which now allows patients to have their appointments in our gym with no out of pocket expense.

2. Continuation of Telehealth Services: The TAC has extended funding for telehealth services indefinitely, providing ongoing convenience and flexibility for clients accessing health services from home. You no longer have to have every appointment in our gym. We can continue to offer telehealth appointments.

3. Updated Fee Schedule:
- Standard Consultation (1 hour): $127.21
- Standard Consultation via Telehealth (1 hour): $127.21
- Telehealth Consultation (30 minutes): $84.79
- Group Consultation - Per person (1 hour): $31.85

4. No Out of Pocket Expense. All our patient fees and invoicing is done electronically by our administration team in the gym. Exercise physiology services can be invoiced online via HICAPS Digital Claims and there is no charge to you the patient.

Exercise Physiology Guidelines:

We are a registered TAC Provider and only exercise physiologists accredited by Exercise and Sports Science Australia are eligible to provide services under the TAC scheme.

The TAC can pay for:

- Exercise physiology consultations in our gym and pilates clinic
- Group consultations (for two to six patients treated in the same gym session)
- Costs associated with monitoring and evaluating gym, pilates or swimming programs

Treatment Approval Process:

- Within the first 90 days post-accident, exercise physiology services can be provided without prior TAC approval if recommended by a health professional and related to the client's accident injuries.
- For treatment beyond 90 days, providers must complete an Allied Health Treatment and Recovery Plan for TAC approval.
- If a client has not received treatment for 6 months, they must seek TAC approval before further treatment will be funded.

Equipment and Home Gym Exercise Programs:

- Basic exercise equipment (e.g., dumbbells, thera bands, exercise balls) can be prescribed by our exercise physiologists.
- Specialised exercise equipment can also be prescribed and may require an extra assessment by our physiotherapists or supporting documentation from an occupational therapist.

What the TAC will not pay for:

- You can not have your appointments with our Exercise Scientist qualified Personal trainers. The appointments must be with our accredited exercise physiologists.

- You can not use TAC funding to purchase gym workout gear or footwear

- You can not use TAC funding for travel time to attend your self guided exercise programs or travel to a leisure centre or council run gym. You can however have TAC help pay for your travel to our gym and clinic for your exercise physiology appointments

- Cost of admission to a leisure centre or council run gym. MVFit is an appointment only exercise physiology clinic and patients can not attend without supervision

Group Fitness Classes

The TAC emphasizes that all treatments should align with the Clinical Framework and focus on reasonable, clinically justified, and outcome-focused care.

For clients with severe injuries, exercise physiology services may be included as part of an individualised funding package, subject to discussion with your TAC coordinator.

MVFit remains committed to supporting the recovery and rehabilitation of transport accident victims throughout their recovery.

Speak to our team today on how we can help or contact your TAC case manager for more detailed information on guidelines on how exercise rehab in a gym setting can help you.


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