R U OK? 2017

R U Ok? Suicide Prevention 2017

R U OK? Day is an annual day in September (today, 14/9) dedicated to remind people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, “R U OK?”, in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference and even save lives.

We have built a fantastic fitness community here at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness and we are proud to support R U OK? Day and promoting their cause.

By encouraging meaningful conversations about mental health and wellbeing, R U OK? strives to create better connections among peers, helping to improve support networks for those who are struggling, and ultimately prevent suicide.

How to start the conversation and ask R U OK?

Often we don’t ask because we’re not sure how. These conversations can sometimes be difficult, so it’s important to learn some ways to approach the situation. The R U OK website (https://www.ruok.org.au/) provides detailed resources to guide you through the process, along with lots of great ideas for creating conversations at school and in the workplace.

How to Ask R U Ok

Exercise & Sport Science Australia (ESSA) – Mental Health

Client focused exercise plan becomes crucial not just for the short-term benefits on mental health, but more importantly the long standing effect exercise has on overall mental health and wellness.

Exercise, when provided suitably, and in a way that is specific and individual to the needs of the client is an excellent addition to other treatment for the ongoing journey towards good mental health.

If you know of someone in your life who is wanting to commence exercise, but is suffering from some mental health challenges, or if you yourself have or are suffering from mental illness, make your first choice an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to work with you to better your mental health through appropriately designed exercise.

Mental health strategies such as R U OK?Day are essential and encourages meaningful conversation that could change a life.

Doing some form of physical activity is a great excuse to catch-up with those you may have lost touch with and ask that all important question – R U OK?

Whether it’s getting outdoor and active or engaging in some more creative ways to move, reconnecting over physical activity is a great excuse to catch-up with those you may have lost touch with and could make more of a difference than you know.

Over the past few decades, a range of studies have demonstrated that regular physical activity is associated with better mental health and emotional well-being. For conditions like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms and improve the mood of patients.

Finding an energetic activity that you actually like means that you will not see it as a chore that you have to do, but instead something you genuinely want to do.

Exercise and Health Ideas to improve your Mental Health

  • HIIT (high-intensity interval) Training
  • Walking
  • Getting Enough Quality Sleep
  • Go for a bushwalk
  • Play Tennis
  • Group Boot Camp

Get help now!

Call 000 (Emergency Services) if life is in danger.

If you are thinking about suicide or experiencing a personal crisis help is available.
No one needs to face their problems alone.

Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (24 hours a day) or visit their website

For more information:

Visit the R U Ok? website:https://www.ruok.org.au to learn more about R U OK? Day and suicide prevention.

Mental Health and Exercise Physiologist: https://exerciseright.com.au/accredited-exercise-physiologists-key-players-mental-health/

Ask the experts of exercise: Learn more about our Exercise Physiologist here

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