Saturday Sweat Sesh

Saturday Sweat Sesh

What is Saturday Sweat Sesh?

Kick start your weekend off with an awesome workout here at MV Fit! This Bootcamp runs every Saturday at 9am and includes a wide range of exercise and sessions types all in one. What your should expect in this bootcamp, is HIIT, Running, Core work, Boxing, All body workouts and more. The aim is to come in and give it your all so your can feel fresh and ready for the weekend.
The vibe is always great on a Saturday and is perfect for those that could not make any weekly sessions or for those who want to add an extra session on for end off the week.

Boot Camp Fitness

In our Saturday Sweat Sesh class’s we off a wide range of exercises and workouts and all of our Bootcamp classes are for all fitness levels.
ere is 2 examples of what you can expect here at MV Fit.

Session 1

Fitness Tests

  1. Push Ups/ Max
  2. Sit Ups / Min
  3. Burpees / Min
  4. Plank Hold / Max
  5. Wall Sit Hold / Max
  6. Dead Hang / Max
  7. V Sit Hold / Max


  1. Bench Press
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. BB Squats
  5. Chin Ups
  6. Hip Thrusts

Session 2

Cardio Fitness Tests

  1. 1km Run
  2. 2 km Run
  3. Rower / 500m
  4. SkiErg / 500m
  5. Airdyne / 50 cals
  6. Beep Test


For more information or to book in to the Fitness Testing class’s or any of our other types of group fitness sessions, please contact us via our enquiry form or if your ready to book select from our available New Starter Memberships above.

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