Boxing Fitness

Boxing Fitness

What is Boxing Fitness?

Punch, kick, bash and slam your way into shape with Boxing Fitness Group Training.

Boxing is not just about getting in the ring and belting the living daylights out of each other, by doing all fitness aspects of boxing you will soon realise that it is an awesome all body work out.

It’s a great way to let off some steam from a hard day’s work or long day with the kids.

In these sessions you will:

– Learn correct punching, kicking, stance and pad and kickbag holding techniques

– Try all different types of combos

– Get the heart pumping with a variety of boxing drills including body weight, running, core and partner exercises

– Boxing challenges

– Receive your own pair of boxing inners to keep for your sessions

Your boxing group trainer will run an enjoyable and challenge workout which will vary from week to week to make sure to get the best out of you and push you that little bit further that you thought you may not thought you’d achieve.

So come down and put some gloves on fire up and get angry and most of all have fun!

In our Boxing Fitness class’s we off a wide range of exercises and workouts and all of our Bootcamp classes are for all fitness levels.
ere is 2 examples of what you can expect here at MV Fit.

Session 1

Boxing Session 1

Round 1 (in Pairs)

  • Punch Out
  • Punch and Run – Pads Jump Squats
  • 4 x Combo – Jab/Cross/Knee/Knee

Round 2

  • 4 x Punches + 4 x Leg Swaps
  • Wide Hooks
  • Speed Kicks
  • Jump Backs

Round 3

  • Double Punches
  • Rolling Punches
  • Sit Up Punches
  • Seated Uppercuts

Session 2

Boxing Session 1

Round 1 (in Pairs)

  • Up and Down Squat Punches
  • Ducks
  • Knees

Round 2

  • Kick Bag Rips
  • Kick Bag Kicks
  • Kick Bag Hard Uppers
  • Kick Bag Burpees

Round 3

  • Bag Bashes – Single
  • Bag Bashes – Double
  • Bag Bashes – Kneeling
  • Bag Sit up Double Punches
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Boxing Fitness Sessions at MV Fit


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