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Get the confidence, ​strength and knowledge to know exactly how to recover from injury and keep healthy and strong.

Expert physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation in a fully equipped private gym & physio clinic. 


We're the team to see for great sports physio treatment here in Melbourne.

Moonee Valley Health and Fitness aim's at being one of Australia’s leading integrated allied health groups for complex injuries and conditions. 

Are you looking for a safe and supervised program for health and fitness? Make an appointment for an initial physiotherapy assessment to get started.

Services Include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Pilates
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Rehabilitation & Strength Classes

We are one of the first multi-disciplinary healthcare services in Australia to combine a fully-integrated model of care (including Physiotherapy, Pilates, Exercise Physiology Dietetics and more).

Located at 378 Mount Alexander Road in Travancore 3032, we're the team to see for great sports physio treatment and exercise rehab here in Melbourne.

Our team of expert health practitioners are some of the most highly trained in the industry and work together in our private gym and exercise clinic in North-West Melbourne to help you optimise your health and maximise your quality of life.

Guided By A Physio or Exercise Phys.

MVFit is a private exercise rehabilitation and strength clinic with a fully equipped private gym and clinical pilates studio.

Step by Step Guides & Support

Learn how to prepare or recover from injury, and return to exercise safely. Whether you have a chronic condition or complex injury we can help.

Move and Feel Better. Be Pain Free

You don't have to do this alone. Join our group rehabilitation & strength programs with our local community hub of health professionals.  We help raise awareness for the best-practice prevention, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.


What Should You Expect With Our Physio's

Imagine if you had a program that walked you step-by-step through exactly what to do to stay safe, healthy and strong throughout your entire recovery, and improve your quality of life.

Physio Gym | Strength Training Programs
Group Rehabilitation Classes

  • Small group class - maximum of 4 people per 1hr class 
  • Full movement screen upon the first class for prescription of individualised exercises
  • Receive an assessment to determine your priorities 
  • Individualised strength program that can be used outside of rehab classes
  • Quality coaching and programming designed to achieve optimal performance
  • All sessions run by a physiotherapist
  • Claimable with all private health insurers 

Physio Gym | Clinical Pilates
Physiotherapy Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy instructed Clinical Pilates focuses on core stability exercises, pregnancy pilates exercises, pelvic floor strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises to improve your body.

Our Clinical Pilates programs are designed by Physiotherapists and are provide individualised training plans.

Our Physiotherapist team will guide you through exercises while also providing education on the reasoning behind each exercise to give you the confidence, strength and knowledge on all things related to your body.

​1 on 1 Physio Treatments | Sports Injury
Strength & Rehabilitation

Experience a fully equipped Melbourne physiotherapy gym. Professional physio treatment, rehabilitation and strength training programs from qualified physiotherapists.

Strength training programs are designed to reduce your pain, help you to build strength for the long term and prevent recurrence of your pain or injury.

  • Professional guidance from qualified Physiotherapists
  • Specialised strength training equipment
  • Individualised training plans


Physiotherapist | Strength Coach | Injury Rehabilitation

Travis is an experienced Physiotherapist who enjoys treating musculoskeletal complaints, particularly for active individuals whose abilities have been affected in the short or long term.

Travis utilises a hands on approach, which includes dry needling, and has a strong emphasis on using the exceptional gym facilities to integrate treatment towards an individualised rehabilitation program.

He currently works with an EDFL premier division team to oversee their rehab and conditioning programs, as well as holding strong interests in men's health, particularly those with prostate cancer.

If you're looking for a relatable Physiotherapist who understands your frustrations, Travis can help you.

Hi, I'm Travis MONK, a senior Physiotherapist at Moonee Valley Health and Fitness. I am also a Strength & Conditioning coach who is passionate about active recovery, injury prevention and sport performance.

Travis MONK

Physiotherapy at MVFIT

Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery, or simply want to improve your physical function, physio can help.


I have been at MV Fitness for over two years and I absolutely love it! Russell, Jeremy & all the trainers are amazing, they provide a really relaxed friendly environment but also encourage us to reach our fitness goals. Thank's guys!

Elizabeth Bull Director - One Fine Print

MV FIT is a great local gym. I really enjoy the small class sizes and I love that they continually vary the sessions which keeps me interested. Usually I hate gyms and exercise- because I’m lazy. Despite this MVFIT have managed to keep me fit and interested 4-5 times a week for the last 12 months or so! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


I have been training with the MV team for over 6 years now both as a PT client and participating in the group training sessions. Russell and the team are very patient, knowledgeable and committed to working with me to achieve my fitness goals.

The group sessions have a true sense of community and inclusiveness. Everyone works hard, but at their own level and the trainers readily adapt the program so all can participate.

My overall experience with MV Fitness has been great and I would recommend it to anyone.

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