Plate Shoulder Halos

Plate Shoulder Halos - Exercise Library Sets: 1-3 Reps: 10-20 Rest: 1-2mins Description: - Plate Halos gets its name based on the path it takes around your head, like it is following the path of a Halo that is hovering above your head. - This is a great exercise for thoracic mobility and shoulder and upper back health. - Hold a weight plate and stabilize the rest of the body while only the shoulders move to draw a Halo around your head. - The plate should remain as close to your head as possible, with your arms moving around your head and not the head moving around the arms - Your neck and head should stay in a neutral position and not move. - You should not be in any pain when doing this movement so if you lack the required mobility to perform this exercise with a plate it may need to be modified. Plate Shoulder Halos Video - Our YouTube Channel For more exercise variations and other great exercises, visit our Exercise Experts | Fitness Library page. For more information about Moonee Valley Health and Fitness please come into our Personal Training Studio and Melbourne Exercise Physiology Clinic or call our team on (03) 9996 0790. We are a personal training studio and Exercise Physiology Clinic located near Essendon and Ascot Vale, at 378 Mt Alexander Road, Travancore VIC 3032. We provide all your health and fitness needs, including one on one personal training, group fitness and boot camps as well as exercise physiology. Personal Training and Exercise Physiology in Melbourne, VIC Moonee Valley Health and Fitness 378 Mt Alexander Road, Travancore, 3032 VIC Ph. (03)9996-0790 Disclaimer: Make sure to contact Registered [...]