Mindbody App Guide – Step by Step

Welcome to a short step-by-step guide on how to set up our Group Personal Training and Boot Camp booking system. All our bookings are made through the Mindbody App and below is a short guide on how to set up the app on your smart phone. There is also a printable .pdf version at the bottom of the page

Get the App for iPhone Users below:

Get the app for Android Users below:

STEP 1: Download the Mindbody App on your phone.

Mindbody Step 2

STEP 2: Choose continue with email. (You can connect FB later if you wish)

STEP 3: Enter your email address.

STEP 4: Enter a password.

STEP 5: Enter your First & Last name and Australia. (Turn off updates from Mindbody).

STEP 6: Check your email account to verify your account. (MAKE SURE TO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)

STEP 7: Open the Mindbody email and click ‘Verify My Email’.

STEP 8: Click the search button in the top right corner.

STEP 9: Search for ‘Moonee Valley’ and then select Moonee Valley Health and Fitness

STEP 10: Make sure to click the heart symbol to add MVFit to your favourites

STEP 11: Scroll down and select the ‘Schedule Calendar’ to view our classes.

STEP 12: View our upcoming Classes and book into the sessions you wish to attend.

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Download the App Today. Click the images below to download your app.


Get it on Google Play

You can download a printable .pdf version of the steps here
If you are having any problems with signing up and using the Mindbody App, please speak to one of our trainers when you are next in at the studio. We’d be happy to help 😀

Alternatively, you can send us a quick message below with the problem you are having and we can try and help via email.

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