What is FIT MIX?

Our FIT MIX group fitness classes are a mixture of every Boot Camp type. These workouts can include, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Boxing Fitness, Abs & core and all different types of fitness challenges that cover your whole body.
Every time you come to a FITMIX class you will experience something different,  our aim is to keep your training interesting and enjoyable to keep you motivated to commit to your training program.

In our FITMIX class’s we off a wide range of exercises and workouts and all of our Bootcamp classes are for all fitness levels.
ere is 2 examples of what you can expect here at MV Fit.

Session 1

1000 Rep Workout
*Complete in any order and any amount or reps Total time to do as much as you can : 45mins

50x Kettebell Swings
50x Jump Squats
50x Sit Ups
50x Plate Star Jumps
50x Shoulder Press
50x Slams
50x Bench Jumps
50x Plate Chest Pumps
50x Walking Lunges
50x Toe Point Crunches
50x Dumbbell Punches
50x Broad Jumps
100x Leg Swaps
100 x Rope Whips
20 x Runs
30 x Burpees
50 x Renegade Rows
10 x Sled Push
60 x Bosu Mountain Climbers
20 x AirDyne Bike Cals
10x V Ups

Session 2


  1. 10 x Sprints

4 Minute AMRAP (As many Rounds as Possible)

Round 1

  • 10 x Squat Press
  • 10 x Renegade Rows
  • 10 x Sit Ups

Round 2

  • 30 x Ab Twist
  • 30 x Plate Star Jumps
  • 20 x Plate Chest Pumps

Round 3

  • 50 x Rope Whips
  • 2 x Sled Push
  • 1 x Lap Frog Leaps

Abs & Core
*30s each exercise

  • Ankle Taps
  • Leg Raises
  • Plank
  • Bike Crunches
  • V – Ups


5 x Sprints


For more information or to book in to the FIT MIX class’s or any of our other types of group fitness sessions, please contact us via our enquiry form or if your ready to book select from our available New Starter Memberships above.

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