Ascot Vale – Food Truck Park

The Ascot Lot – Food Truck Park

A local food and social hub has arrived in Ascot Vale.

Launching on Friday October 26, The Ascot Lot is a new food truck park in the city’s north-west with a rotating line-up of tasty choices to try each week.

Poke Time, Two Fat Indians, Nuoc Mama’s and Dip’d Gourmet Donuts will be there on opening night.

Each weekend they will feature live music with some local talent, along with nostalgic tunes and video projections.


  • Fridays: 5pm–10pm
  • Saturdays: 12pm–10pm
  • Sundays: 12pm–9pm

The Ascot Lot | Opening Weekend – 27th, 28th, 29th Oct

Opening Weekend

For the opening weekend of the local food truck park, it looks like there will be a great range of food trucks across the weekend.

poke time

Poke Time

Hawaiian/Japanese inspired cuisines, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Nuoc Mama’s

Nuoc Mama’s Food Truck serves Vietnamese street food.

Copa Grill

Carcoal BBQ offering delicious traditional Brazilian food and healthy juices and smoothies.

Just like Nonna’s

Italian street food with a Sicilian influence.


Dip’d offers Gourmet Mini Donuts

The Art of Fried Chicken

They aim to make the tastiest, juiciest and crunchy fried chicken ever imagined.

Chef Calamari

Calamari and refreshing natural homemade lemonade

Two Fat Indians

Dedicated to bringing you the best North Indian food in Melbourne

Brazilian Bites

Specialising in Authentic Brazilian Street Food. The main item is “Espetinho”, meat skewers marinaded Brazilian style.

Dum and Dumpling

They prepare and deliver the highest quality handmade dumplings from around Melbourne.

Mr. Whippy

Mr. Whippy Soft Serve

Sweet Mistake

Specializes in Greek Authentic Desserts that are freshly made on the day

Drive In Coffee Shop – DICS & Jaffles

There is also a coffee shop, DICs and Jaffles that is open throughout the week.

DICs is currently open 6:30am – 2:30pm weekdays and 9:30am – 3:30pm weekends.

dics jaffles

Where is the Food Truck Park?

For all our members who are interested in attending the Food Truck Park and would like to know where it is, it is only a short 200m walk from the Moonee Valley Health and Fitness studio.

448-462 Mt. Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032.  A map of the directions can be found below.

MVFit and the Local Community

Yes we love health and fitness and want all our members to live a healthy lifestyle, but a treat now and then is recommended. Not all the items on the menus of the food trucks will be the healthiest food options so enjoy yourself but do be mindful of your selections and serving sizes.

The coffees at DICS & Jaffles are quickly becoming a favourite for our trainers at the gym and are only a minute walk from the studio, so if you havn’t tried the coffees yet, I’d highly recommend them next time you are wanting a caffeine hit before or after your workout.

Learn more about the Ascot Lot

If you would like to know more about The Ascot Lot and to keep up to date with what they have planned for each weekend, check out their website, facebook page or on instagram and we hope to see you there.



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