In Clinical Pilates  you are assessed clinically and a personalised program is developed for you.

Your program will focus on correcting body imbalances and strengthen of any weak areas you may have. Clinical Pilates is targeted and specific, making sure the right muscles are being used for the right movement pattern (rather than compensating with other muscle groups).  Another difference is the extent of knowledge and training that a Clinical Pilates trainer has. This allows them to clinically assess a person, adjust, modify and choose exercises and to tailor a program to the individual. Groups are kept small (max 4 participants) and each person participating in a Clinical Pilates class will work on their own personalised program.

Regular Pilates is a generalised exercise class focused on improving fitness and does not take in to account an individual’s injuries, history, pathologies and specific physiological needs. An instructor for Regular Pilates will lead a exercise program to a group where all participants do the same movements.