Moonee Valley Health and Fitness’s boot camp is a long term fitness solution rather than just a 4-6 week course. You will make fantastic improvement on your health and fitness in less than 4-6 weeks, but your health should be a long term investment in yourself. We are here to help you make exercise part of your daily life.

It’s like a gym membership but with…

  • A university qualified fitness professional guiding you.
  • Access to some of the best trainers and coaches in Melbourne.
  • No pushy sales people.
  • No queues for equipment.
  • Each session carefully planned and prepared for you.
  • Better variety and a whole range of different exercises.
  • More accountability.
  • Motivation from our personal trainers and other group members.
  • A flexible timetable…

…plus it’s heaps more fun, than a boring gym or basic boot camp with inexperienced trainers.