Every session is different, and we have a large range of fitness equipment to use. We do are a combination of resistance training (using kettle bells, dumb bells, battle ropes, sleds, medicine balls, Olympic rings, body weight) and high intensity cardio (bike, rower, circuits, sprints, boxing, intervals, hill/stair training) etc.
Having access to a fully equipped Personal Training studio, our boot camp sessions are able to offer more variety than other Melbourne boot camps, with a whole gym full of equipment to use. We also run boxing classes and have running groups that run down at the Maribyrnong River, at J J Holland Park in Kensington and in Essendon and Moonee Ponds.

All our workouts are designed for weight loss, functional strength and fitness. Every workout is different to keep things fun and keep challenging you as you improve. Every class is made up of a mixture of functional training, strengthening, core stability, cardio conditioning, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettlebells and full body workouts.

We also offer a free trial if you’d like to first test out our boot camp before joining.